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Cinderella or the Prince: Mission Studies in the Theological Curriculum: A presentation to CTE, Belfast, by Dr David Smith

I begin with an ancient story. It comes from Plato and is found in Phaedrus. The story concerns Thamus, a king in Egypt who is said to have entertained a god named Theuth who was the inventor of number, geometry, astronomy and, crucially, writing. Here is the crucial passage:

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Church Ministry Formation In Protestant Theological Education: The Contemporary Debate In Kerala, India (PhD), by Jaison Thomas B Th., M Div., M Th.

Beginning with the rationale for exploring the increasing dissonance between churches and seminaries in the context of fulfilling the objectives of theological education, this research investigates the effectiveness and impact of theological education on church ministry formation in Kerala, India. Issues emerging from the perceived gulf between the academy and the demands of ministry in the church and society have been identified for an historical-comparative social analysis by mapping the theoretical foundations and debates that have, more recently, defined theological education in both the Western and the Indian contexts.


Women Training In Protestant Theological Institutions: A Critical Appraisal Of Contextual Challenges In Kerala, India (PhD) By Jessy Jaison BBS., M Div., M Th.

While liberationist perspectives in feminism have galvanized much attention in theological education in the past 20-30 years around the world, Kerala, India stands as a ‘different case’ with its inherited cultural biases. Theological seminaries in Kerala default to an unhealthy hierarchical attitude and structure in spite of the influx of women in seminaries and the remarkable educational development of women in society at large. This study investigates the cultural and ecclesiastical challenges of women students and attempts to make a hermeneutical inquiry into the theological and cultural issues involved.


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